Seven Company Values


  • Professionalism in this business begins with the courteous way in which we interact with the customer and ends with the superior product we consistently deliver; our product is lawn care and landscaping services
  • Being exceptionally attentive to the details in all that we do will result in excellence
  • Excellence in the care of creation glorifies God


  • The combined effort of each member of the team makes H&H more efficient, effective, and thus productive
  • Cooperation is necessary at every job site; everyone works until the entire job is done
  • Team members must follow the leader; leaders must lead by example


  • Every job is important since each job enables H&H to make money to sustain the business and provide the cash to maintain existing equipment and purchase new equipment
  • Productivity is not more important than superior results
  • Greater productivity equals higher pay for team members and more job opportunities for others


  • Every team member must wear eye and ear protection at all times and be alert and aware of what is happening around them
  • Operators must operate all equipment in accordance with its intended use and design; when in doubt ASK


  • The quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon without supervision or oversight
  • Team members are expected to be on time and reliable
  • Our customers depend on us to consistently deliver superior results; team members make this happen


  • Team members are to care for and operate company trucks, mowers, and equipment like it was their own
  • Safeguarding company equipment to minimize the likelihood of damage during transport and/or theft at a job site is part of being a responsible team member


  • People of integrity tell the truth, do not steal and are honest in their dealings with one another
  • Team members are expected to take ownership of what they do and fail to do
  • Our customers trust us to be on their property and to care for what belongs to them
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